10 reasons why Tik-Tok is the future of video, NOW

Short form video is playing a huge role in influencing the digital landscape. As attention spans get shorter, there is stress on getting attention, engagement, and influence to capture the audience’s mind, that too, in an instant. With video platforms such as Instagram limiting video to 60 seconds, whatsapp status update to a max of 30 seconds, enter the next big thing – TikTok.

TikTok: What, How and Why: Perfect for the new generation of content creators, TikTok is fast becoming a dominant repository for short-form mobile videos. The app is a platform for people to showcase their creativity, in a stipulated time frame. Time is money and TikTok’s ideology revolves around making every single second count.

TikTok Video

Here are 10 reasons why Tik Tok is steadily becoming the top Go-To app for Social media influence and engagement.

1. Ease of use and pricing: Its free to download, easy to use from the get-go. Marketers have potential access to a large active database.

2. Keeping it Short and sweet: 15 seconds is the magical sweet spot when it comes to average duration of a short form TikTok video. However, users have the option to stitch clips to have a 60 second video.

3. Present Globally, Conquering Locally: Having crossed 100 million downloads, in over 150 countries and with global offices in London, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Jakarta, Mumbai, and Moscow, Tik Tok has cashed in on the local flavour, especially in India. With an existing base of over 15 million Indian users, TikTok engages them through lip synced dialogues of trending regional movies, viral song dance moves and engaging in fun challenges. Tik Tok has adapted the ‘Glocal’ model towards, content creation, curation.

4. Keep them GUESS-ing: Global fashion brand GUESS partnered with TikTok, to target millennials and Gen Z through a challenge titled #InMyDemin. The premise was simple; to transform from a ‘before’ to ‘after’ look sporting GUESS apparel. The viral campaign saw participation from influencers with an average of a million followers. The insight to this was targeting individuals who enjoy sharing images of their latest looks and fashions on social media.

5. The future is now, with AI: TikTok is at the forefront of technology, incorporating AI led functions which provide unique in-app features such as video and image recognition, 3D stickers, various filters, video shooting, editing tools and more.

6. A sense of (global) belonging: Today, everyone and everything is connected, TikTok is no different. With forums and common trending challenges, users not only engage in creating said content, but also use the platform to establish networks, followers, friends from around the world.

7. No power like Star power: The affiliation with celebrities such as Shahid Kapoor, Tiger shroff and association with big budget Bollywood releases, prove the power of short form video content, and TikTok in particular. Celebrities aside, the app also serves as a great platform for budding and well-established artists, musicians, vloggers, and skilled content creators.

8. #InstantlyTrending: Short form videos have the power to capture audience in an instant. The magic of such videos is that it can be shared around the world in just a second and has the potential to be a viral sensation. Users, not only participate for the fun, but also with an intention to be the next online celebrity. TikTok as a platform is the perfect catalyst to cash in on this viral potential for individuals and brands alike.

9. Tailored to Customize: TikTok offers several customizations to its users. These include content feeds to an individual’s preferences, choosing an external music track apart from the readily available options etc. This in turn, helps delivering fresh content about topics and trends they will find most interesting. From a marketer’s perspective, it would help in segmenting and differentiating a music loving crowd, from a dance loving crowd for targeting their offerings more effectively.

10. Finding ‘Honor’ in a #Challenge: Huawei launched its flagship model Honor 10 in India by partnering with TikTok, giving rise to a 22-day fun, interactive and engaging challenge called #1MillionAudition. The challenge invited participation in India from 70K+ users, generating 40K videos with a staggering count of 500 million views and 300 million impressions approximately. This association was a win-win, not only in terms of an increased fan base to the brand Huawei, but the novelty and fresh excitement of installing the TikTok app for the first time on their Huawei phone and exploring its countless creative possibilities.

In more recent times, a brand like Himalaya Personal Care has embraced the TikTok phenomenon through its campaign, the #HappinessChain. Check it out here https://bit.ly/2QEHUTr

The increase in mobile internet penetration has a direct impact on the consumption of short form video content.

However, one thing needs to be seen; whether the short form video actually becomes a mainstay of video content communication for brands, with platforms like Instagram and YouTube adopting similar time stamp formats, or will a platform like TikTok saturate and burn out sooner than later, like the countless viral trends. But as they say, with trends and success, just roll with the good times.

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