5 Insta-riffic trends for 2019

Stories, Boomerangs, Hashtags…
Timelines, pokes, tags…


Move over Facebook, Instagram has emerged as ‘The’ place for visual content marketing, especially in the lifestyle and fashion space. But given that new innovations and features mushroom every other week, it becomes a challenge for a brand to plan its digital strategy, budgeting, resources and other factors. This ultimately drives brand marketers into a tizzy.

Here is a cheat sheet of 5 key trends to get you started

1. Vertical Videos are the rage:

Ah yes, the vertical video. A video recording orientation that has received the step fatherly treatment from film makers and smartphone video recording purists in the past. But Instagram has owned this space; one that was once popularly propagated by Snapchat. From capturing picturesque locations, streaming small bits of live performances or just boomeranging for personal fun, Instagram’s vertical videos have become a staple for the youth.

Here are a few examples of vertical videos that are rocking Instagram.


2. IGTV is the new YouTube:

IGTV is Instagram’s answer to long form vertical video content. It helps brands and marketers connect and engage with audience with videos that are more than 60 seconds. Through vlogs, broadcasts and live streaming, IGTV is capitalizing on the mobile first, on-the-go generation to get their undivided attention.

Below are a few examples of brands who have taken their IGTV game to the next level.  


3. Insta stories for a happily ever after:

People love stories and they love Insta stories more. Insta stories are a pivotal point for any Instagram strategy.

Within Insta stories, lie a number of interesting features which gives you, the crafty marketer, opportunities for interaction and engagement. Story Polls allow a brand to listen to an audience and their opinion on any question put forth by a brand. Through Story ReShare, one can re-post regular posts as stories. Insta stories are another perfect outlet for brands to redirect traffic to the point of sale.

The below is a great example of how you can hook your audience with an Insta story.


4. Insta-like it? then Insta-Shop it!

Get your virtual shopping bags ready, we’re going insta-Shopping. Instagram now provides brands a unique place and proposition to set up shop online.

Through compelling words, images, gifs, video stories, brands can tap a market of 1 billion instagrammers globally in the hopes of getting them to pick up their products. Tap that! Brands can tag their products and have customers redirected to the point of purchase. This process is simple, effective, reduces search time. Currently, Instagram shopping makes up for 25% increase in traffic and 8% increase in revenue for Instagram as a whole.

Below are 2 examples of how brands cleverly insert their offering through storytelling and sell products and experiences through Instagram shopping.


5. Get your fun on with creative AR filters

From virtual tiaras, to big beady eyes, let’s ‘FACE’ it – augmented reality masked as creative photo filters have taken over as our favourite past time activity.

Instagram’s face filters are a great example of how AR can help in creating fun, magical experiences. Brands and marketers are using this technology to create their own contextual filters to generate more buzz as part of an upcoming product or experience. Don’t be surprised if the upcoming Avengers movie has you swiping between different superhero masks on Instagram.

Below are 2 examples of fun quirky AR filters in action.



Every year serves as a litmus test to see how marketers can push the boundaries of creativity, innovation and technology. And while the majority will stick to conventional ideas on a Facebook, a marketer keen on innovation and creativity will have Instagram on the top of his/her mind. One thing, however, that brands must keep in mind while treading on these innovative technologies, is to keep their content approach fresh, quirky, youth centric, experiential and engaging. They must exercise social listening while adopting strategies, else they will fail to make an impression and will simply be labelled as “just another ad cropped for Instagram.”

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