7-step guide to winning with Instagram

Love or hate, you cannot debate – The impact of social media is profound.

On Instagram, one particular brand managed to cut through the clutter; integrating Instagram as their core digital marketing Strategy through capitalizing on trending insights and user generated content. The brand in question is called ‘Glossier’.


What is Glossier:

‘A people-powered beauty ecosystem’ describes Glossier on its Instagram and twitter channels. Founded by Emily Weiss, Glossier is a beauty brand that makes skin care and beauty products inspired by real women and their real-life stories. With an ever-expanding consumer base across age, race, and body type, they celebrate diversity and break away from preconceived notions of beauty. The brand is driven by the power of everyday social influence.

As a business entity, Glossier has been valued at 100-million-dollars and has gained a cult following with honourable mentions by publishing titans such as Vogue, Forbes and TIME. But how exactly has Glossier’s succeeded in disrupting the beauty segment? Below are the 7 most insightful steps and hacks to Glossier’s marketing think tank.

  1. KEEPING IT REAL from the Get-go: Glossier has always adopted a ‘Come as you are’ ideology of acceptance for its current and new audience. It does not endorse over-the-top extravagant visual displays. They choose to bring out their own authencity, tone and language. Ditching high end DSLRs and premium locations, they use iPhones and relatively inexpensive setups with their signature palette of ‘washed-up pink’. Another example to Glossier’s method of authentic madness, is shuffling mouse icons, emojis, and stickers on the website.
  2.  Making MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS: Glossier is the quintessential BFF for today’s millennial girl. Many of Glossier’s employees swear by their products as they are active users of the brand. Glossier took the initiative to get in touch with its users to incite discussions, make them feel involved and provide a sense of belonging with the brand.
  3.  I’ve got the power…of SOCIAL INFLUENCE: Glossier advocates that every one of its users (including employees) are its influencers. It lays stress on brand loyalty and community building. It also provides referral programs that offer discounts to users who refer the brand on social media. This helps expand its fanbase and prompts more people to want in on the action.
  4.  Channelling FEEDBACK into new opportunities: Glossier have taken real-time feedback in their stride. It heard what its customers wanted and ventured into creating newer innovative solutions. An example is Glossier’s ‘Milky Jelly Cleanser’ which was made purely in collaboration with its customers. Glossier has engaged with its audience on a more personal level than other large-scale beauty brands.
  5.  Being the perfect TEASE: Glossier has a way of keeping their audience hooked. Case-in-point, Glossier’s recent product teased by Beyoncé at the 2018 Grammy awards. This tease by Glossier on their Instagram handle, took Social Media by storm. They successfully managed to extend the hype and finally revealed the product after the 2018 Oscars, with 5 other celebrities also joining in on the tease fest. The internet was abuzz with hashtags, which brings us to…
  6.  Having a way with HASHTAGS: Hashtags are in fashion. Glossier have used hashtags to their advantage seamlessly. From the #ITGTopShelfie during its preliminary blog days to the #Glossier being virtually imprinted on thousands of user’s posts, the hashtag strategy has helped further narrow the gap between the brand and its loyal customer base. When consumers find items, places, or anything that remind them of glossier, they tag the brand. While hashtags are one piece of the intricate Instagram strategy, the next factor is perhaps one of the most entertaining and engaging.
  7.  Go VIRAL with UGC: Memes and gifs are extremely engaging, have millions of shares simply because of the relatability. Reposting of UGC content such as memes, shareable gifs or even relatable quotes by Glossier’s social channel(s) resonate with the language of a digital consumer on social media. It also serves as a platform for any regular user of Glossier to be discovered and featured on its social channels. ‘When in Rome, be Roman’, is an adage they have adopted pretty well.


From the above it’s safe to say that Glossier doesn’t just mean ‘business’, they also ‘make it personal’. It remains to be seen if marketers can add that ‘personal’ factor to their brand, in hopes to leverage the ever-floating digital native’s mind and convert that into strong loyalty.

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