Wearing a black dress in Summer, might sound a little offbeat to people living in the hotter regions of the world, like my country India for instance. It is really hot here but that does not deter me from not trying this hot number when this is the most hyped and trending dress from the Limited EditionVan Heusen’s SS’14 collection. The reason being? This dress is co-designed by one of the most popularIndian actress, the Bollywood Diva Deepika Padukone in collaboration with Van Heusen and the instant I saw this dress hanging in the stands in the Van Heusen Store in Bangalore, and also after all the hype, my curiosity took  a better hold of me and I had to try this little black dress to see for myself why people were raving about this dress.



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Dress: Limited Edition Van Heusen SS14 by Deepika Padukone

Bag: Van Heusen

Heels: Steve Madden

What is the Hype all about?

Deepika Padukone, has personally favorited this little black dress as her favorite from the Van Heusen’s SS’14 collection which comprises of dresses, pant suits (which I styled here) and jackets. When I first came across this dress, I realized that the dress is made from a good fabric and that the tailoring matches the hype. I love clothes that are well tailored, always have. Anyways, I chose the smallest size in this dress and took it to the trail room. I was curious, as I initially did not find this dress any different. Well, it was until I emerged out of the trial room,  that the expression on my friend and my reflection told me otherwise.

The dress fit me perfectly that’s one thing, but the cut and tailoring of this dress accentuates the curves at the right places and makes you feel like it was custom tailored for you. The fitting of the dress, how it ends right above the knee and how the sleeves caresses your wrists,  gives you the boost when you stare back at your reflection and it is exactly at that moment that you know when you need to own a dress – when it fits you perfectly and makes you feel like the dress was made for you!

In terms of fabric, the dress is perfect for an evening out when the temperatures are cooler. Since it is black and has an inner lining, I wouldn’t suggest this dress as a day-wear but as long as you are staying in a cooled environment, then it shouldn’t be a concern. Besides me,  many girls tried this dress  in the Van Heusen trial room and it was a funny sight,  how we clung to this dress like a lifeline after we tried it! We did NOT want someone else to take away this piece from our hand!

In terms of the fit – I’m petite, not exactly your average skinny,  neither someone with tight abs. A very important thing I have to discuss with regards to this dress – The outer layer of the dress, which is not as tight as the inner layer,  skims the extra tummy flab giving the appearance of a slimmer belly. I took these pictures after a heavy late lunch, more like an early dinner actually and the first thing I noticed? My stomach did not pop out of this dress as is the case with most body hugging dresses after a heavy meal! That scored extra brownie points for this dress!

How to wear the Little Black dress:

Here are some common tips on styling your Little Black dress.

  1. How to wear a black dress casually?  Ditch the high heels, the extravagant hairdo and a little bit of the extra makeup!
  2. How to wear a black dress during the day? I feel, the trick is all in the makeup and in this case, I feel a heavy made face is a mistake in contrast to the darkest color,  during the day.
  3. How to wear makeup with a black dress? I recommend lighter nude eye colors during the day with a little bronzer and highlighter and you can add the darker eye shades with a variable lipcolor towards the evening and night. I use the Urban Decay Naked palette and its my holy grail of an Eye shadow for many years now. In this evening look, I added the Oriflame purple palette to the Naked palette shades because I wanted a smokey eye look without adding the black pigments to my eyelids.
  4. How to wear your hair with a black dress? Since I have short hair, I don’t really have an option besides adding a few hair pins here and there and setting my hair. If you have long wavy hair, I feel its a no-no to leave your hair unless you’ve tamed the mane.  I suggest, girls with longer hair should sport a ponytail to get that fresh look. As for girls with shorter hair like me, lets carry a few extra pins and probably a setting spray or a hair wax in the bag shall we?

I’ll be doing  an outfit post on a cool summer look soon so do visit bighairloudmouth often and show some love :D



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