Design-o-Scope ‘19: Top Creative Design Trends for 2019 – Part I

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we say, ‘a curvy tick mark’ or ‘a big yellow arch’. Chances are, you would have instantly recalled the iconic idents of Nike and McDonalds respectively. That, fellow marketers, is the power of design.

Perhaps the biggest reinforcer of a strong copy and communication is design. A design is the identity of a brand. It has the power to affect a company’s philosophy, its standing in the market and even the power to drive conversions.

But advertising aside, the importance of design and its components help us make sense of the world. Case-in-point, soft drink giant, Pepsi. It had altered its logo from a more defined shape and font to a curvier option. The reason? A brand belief backed by psychological stats, showing that a curvier depiction of text made it less rigid, more inviting and friendlier, while a defined font stood for a bold aggressive stance. This came in the light of Pepsi changing their target to a more younger audience. However, their key communication continues to revolve around 3 key words; “young”, “now” and “generation”. Like Pepsi, brands like Facebook and others also adopted a friendlier, curvy look.

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In 2019, design continues to be at the forefront of innovative marketing and ad campaigns, pushing designers to new heights of imagination and creativity. With disruption across different digital media, there is a lot happening at so many levels. Here is Part 1 of some of the top creative design trends of 2019 that are bound to be a visual treat.

Typography, now in 3D

While it might be debatable whether 3D movies in theatres are the best visual experience or not, 3D text is most certainly a rage today. With the element of depth displayed in ads on tv or even on smartphone apps, it makes the experience surreal. The main thing to note is that 3D typography will make your message POP, be it a single word or a small sentence.

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Isometrics for success

Taking the visual concept of depth further, isometric designs aid in visualising depth and adding accurate details. This design was first seen in the ground-breaking reality simulation PC game called ‘The Sims’. Isometrics are designed by drawing a 3D object in two-dimension spaces. The result is simple and clean. It is a favourite design among many tech startups, digital conglomerates and data driven organisations.

isometric logo

Get with the ‘Zine’ culture

Extracted from the word magazine, ‘Zine’ culture has found a new repository; social media. With thousands of weird, quirky magazine fashion cutout style imagery churned out by obscure independent content makers across Instagram, Facebook and tumblr, brands, especially fashion and lifestyle, are taking note of this raw undersigned look. This style as philosophy, stands as a rebellion to the more conformed, organized format of visual communication. The collage-esque visuals are currently ubiquitous across celebrated fashion shows around the world.

zine design

Glow with gradients

Think of any smartphone ad or smartphone screen in advetisements. Odds are, it would sport a colour gradient. Instagram’s logo features a flowy sunset-like gradient. Typically considered colour transition, a gradient has a mix of shades with a certain colour at one end and another shade on the other. The most popular is a duotone; consisting of two colours that seamlessly merge. This colour style is trending. Right from smartphone and futuristic electronics and brand logos to even being in abundance on a site like Spotify, 2019 could very well be the year of the gradient.  

gradient logo

Stick around for Part 2 of top creative design trends of 2019.

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