Experience, the new era in marketing

Marketing tools have been re-invented, the stage has been set, and the audience is programmed to receive. It’s the perfect setting for a perfect play into the future. The deliverables are futuristic, and if they aren’t, they can be immediately corrected by illusion.

Interactive experience marketing has very quickly become the front-end of marketing campaigns, thanks to the simple fact that the brands can now reaching out and literally interact with its audience. It has been well received so far, and is now positioning itself to become an integral part of the lives of the present and the coming generations.

Let’s play mythbuster for a moment here and answer that one question on your mind. The time and effort required to create interactive campaign concepts is just about the same as creating a traditional advertising or PR campaign. Surprising, right? What’s more, with interactive campaigns, brands receive a burst of nitrous that takes campaigns to another dimension (literally!) and keeps the audience forever engaged and yearning for more.

There are in my tested opinion, two kinds of campaigns that revolve around the interactive space. One deals with the virtual and augmented worlds, while the other enhances everything virtual with embedded techniques. A brand can easily use both to widen its reach.

With various creative campaign methods already available today, the biggest challenge brands face is to keep the audience engaged, no matter what.

And Interactive experience marketing does just that.

In the decades that have gone by, audience engagement was a pressing requirement, but achieving even satisfactory results needed physical solutions, which were more often than not a tiring affair. Today, the need to keep the audience engaged still exists, but the tools and solutions have become easier to work with, thanks to interactive campaigns and embedded techniques.

I was convinced many years ago, and I strongly believe now, that interactive experience is the next big thing in the marketing world. It’s only going to get better, and we at Media Moments are just getting warmed up.

Mahesh Naidu is Director – Experience & Solutions at Media Moments. If you wish to connect with him for innovative campaigns, please write an email to mahesh.naidu@mediamoments.in or visit our website www.mediamoments.in.


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