Hoardings 2.0 – Resurrection and hybrid communication

It’s 2019. Picture yourself sitting in an Uber on a Thursday afternoon from airport to your place of work. Shuffling through streets, cross-checking the presentation one last time, swiping through ‘in-shorts’ and other notifications on your phone. And as you reach the destination, did it ever flash your mind to look out the window and notice some hoardings on signals or on prominent locales? While you shouldn’t beat yourself about it, it’s a relevant topic of introspection today – Why are marketers “BirdBox-ing” billboards and hoardings?

Let’s travel back to the late 80s and early 90s. During this era, TV advertising was just breaking in and was considered a niche market, as owning a television was a luxury confined to a few. Radio ads and newspaper ads were the main real estate advertisers invested on. Moreover, it was an experience for anyone passing through a road that displayed a huge size hoarding promoting a soft drink, an automobile or even a talcum powder. Companies would commission resources to photograph the said hoarding(s) as a PR stunt and a big project milestone in their annual reviews.

Unlike today’s generation, people then, weren’t left to their own (multiple) devices to fidget around and be constantly distracted and thus could partake in experiencing such a large visual wonder.


As advertising moved into the late 90s and the Y2K era, the TV generation era had set in. Innovation was at an all-time high. Massive unimaginable budgets were pumped into the music, movie, entertainment and ad industry. The television (irrespective of size or brand) had penetrated almost every household of India, which became prime real estate for advertisers to catapult their next big campaign. While newspapers still managed to maintain a significant readership, there was a question of hoardings and its significance. This led to a slight drop in hoardings. However, the hoardings that did go up, captivated audiences with their perfectly crafted lines and out of the box visual ideas.

Below are some examples in the 2000s which had “virality” written all over them but unfortunately didn’t have smartphone and social media platforms to explode on.



Fast forward to today and we see that the TV is dying. Advertisements, once crafted for large CRT TVs and more presently, LED screens, are now moving towards the smartphone netizens who are always on-the-go. This generation is one, that is constantly disrupted by new ideas, trends, technologies that they are almost always immersed in their screens in their own little digital world. As advertisers double down on their digital ad spends focusing on social media platforms, they grow a little sceptical about outdoor, especially, with hoardings.

And that’s were we are here to tell you that hoardings can make a triumphant comeback, and how! Given the vast landscape of online and social media with its scope for instant virality and instant fame, doesn’t it make sense for you have a potentially viral message on a hoarding or billboard that can assure you free PR through the digital generation sharing it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?

Below are some brilliant examples that show offline outdoor hoardings with creative messaging that have gone viral and been shared multiple times around the world on different online social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.




Ultimately, it’s not just important for marketers to realize that hoardings still play a huge role, but it’s imperative that they ditch the uni-channel promotion message and think about a hybrid strategy that fuses traditional mediums (like hoardings) with unconventional marketing communication that can be integrated with relevant social media platforms. In short, adopt an Omni-channel strategy.

We advocate 4 main parameters which would bring out the value and importance of Hoardings in a whole new way

  • By crafting the right message.
  • By using the medium for its intended purpose in a conventional and unconventional manner.
  • By ensuring the element of shareability through interaction and engagement and finally,
  • By having a call to action.

These would help you successfully convey your story (through hoardings) in an integrated manner across offline and online channels, not just in your city, but your country and possibly, around the world. It’s time to take a look around!

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