How Digital Content Marketing Augments Consumer Experience & Brand Loyalty


There’s one key distinction that makes digital content marketing remarkably different from any other forms of promotional marketing tools… it’s organic. It’s not like the ads that run on YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms or websites where
marketers have to wait for consumers to see their messages and respond. Digital content marketing rather works on a ‘pull strategy’. Consumers seek digital content. And that’s what digital content marketing provides them with, in an engaging, non-intrusive
manner. Consumers seek digital content actively to clear a doubt, to solve a problem, to know more, to get acquainted with something new, or, to be reassured about something they purchased or plan to purchase.

Through blogs, vlogs, videos, images, social media posts, brands let digital content marketing reach consumers and customers alike, to forge bigger, more enduring bonds.

A Brand’s Honest Effort To Befriend A Consumer

From a brand’s perspective, digital content marketing is about making the brand more accessible and relatable to the consumer. When an American mixer-grinder brand – Blendtec posts entertaining videos on YouTube showcasing the tremendous blending capability
of its appliances, blending everything from golf balls to iPhones into dust, it does demonstrate rather eye poppingly that it would be a great appliance to have in the kitchen! And that’s how powerful digital content marketing makes a lasting impression
in the minds of consumers.

When done well, digital content marketing creates brand equity, making a brand more and more valuable over time as it continues to generate similar valuable content. And the more the brand helps its audience, the more reputation it gains as a leader in
its field.

The primary manner in which digital content marketing provides value to a brand or a business is through organic traffic. When consumers discover it in some kind of a search on platforms like Google, YouTube, podcasts etc., and engage with it.

It’s All About Making Emotional Connections

Often we see or hear consumers advocating the products they use with an open heart on the internet. Consider an advocacy post on digital media like this – “I am an iPhone user and I love my phone. No one makes smartphones better than Apple. I love the
fact that Apple makes classy products that are simple to use and last long enough without going obsolete. They keep upgrading the iOS on their phones for good 4-5 years! I’ll pick an iPhone over anything else, anytime.”

Now that’s the kind of response brands dream of from consumers. And while a lot goes into promoting these brands in the manner that consumers fall in love with them, the role digital content marketing plays in building brand loyalties is pretty significant.

Robert Passikoff, founder of multi-national brand research consultancy Brand Keys rightly puts things into perspective – “The bottom line, no matter the category, brands that understand that emotional connections serve as surrogates for added value have
succeeded. And brands that have made loyalty and emotional engagement a strategic priority always appear high on the Loyalty Leaders List, and always appear at the top of consumers’ shopping lists.”

Brand loyalty is all about emotions. It’s how a brand makes its consumers feel. The experience it gives them, the pleasure they derive out of using its products, the service it offers, the way consumers feel when they engage with the brand. And while
a lot more goes into creating brand strategy, digital content marketing too plays a big role in augmenting consumer experience and in turn brand loyalty.

Building Brand Loyalty Through Digital Content Marketing

It pays to carve an effective digital content marketing strategy. Specially while targeting the younger consumers. That’s because a large chunk of this segment considers digital content marketing as nothing short of a ‘doorway’ to positive brand sentiment
and loyalty. In a recent report, New York based content agency NewsCred found that two-thirds of millennials feel there is a direct correlation between content marketing and brand loyalty.

It may sound easy, but it takes a lot of consistent, high quality, targeted digital content marketing for a brand to build a mutually rewarding rapport with existing and potential customers. Here’s how smart brands put digital content marketing to use,
to enhance consumer experiences and build brand loyalties.

  1. It all begins with content. A brand needs quality content that is entertaining, educational or demonstrative to really influence customers. And this has to be done consistently. Over fixed intervals, for the brand content to stay relevant and meaningful
    for its audience.
  2. Building a community of brand customers on its social media platforms to create an effective way for customers to engage with each other so that they can share their positive (even negative) experiences, their thoughts and POVs and even their own
    ‘user generated content’ like videos. What a brand community does is that it brings together a brand’s biggest advocates together and instils a greater confidence in them for the brand. And as these communities grow, brands grow too, influencing
    more and more potential customers.
  3. Rewarding customers for engaging with content. Through reward points, loyalty points, giveaways, invitations to special events, exclusive discounts and the likes to make the customers believe they are special to the brand and to reinforce their loyalties.

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