It’s TIME! Louis Philippe debuts with watches -`Time’ at Exclusive Stores

Louis Philippe timepieces are all set to become the latest phenomenon with the launch of their debut line in the country. Louis Philippe, India’s single largest brand in the men’s premium segment, has extended its product portfolio with the launch of ‘Louis Philippe TIME’, a range of striking timepieces that promises to set you apart from the crowd.

Timepieces have long since moved from being basic time keeping devices to fashion accessories that symbolize accomplishment. The Louis Philippe timepieces have been intricately designed for the men of success, and promise to be a positive trend in the premium and luxury menswear segment. Being a curator of classic and contemporary looks, Louis Philippe’s foray into time wear makes the brand the ultimate destination for men.

In pursuit of excellence and inspired by vintage French designs, these timepieces reflect the classic craftsmanship with a flawless modern outlook made for the contemporary man. A stunning collection, the Louis Philippe timepieces feature an eclectic blend of elegant and timeless designs, qualities that have always been synonymous with this premium brand.  The brand with a flair for incorporating luxurious and contemporary twists to the classic, the timepieces flaunt Louis Philippe’s trademark originality, opulence and sophistication.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Sooraj Bhat, COO, Louis Philippe & Allen Solly, said: Louis Philippe has always been more than just an apparel brand and has grown to be a statement of excellence, status and style for influential men, establishing its wearer as a man of infallible taste and class. Louis Philippe has always been a complete wardrobe destination for men, and has been a thought leader in the premium to luxury segment. In keeping with the consumer needs and preferences, Louis Philippe is one of the few brands that have set a trend of diversifying its brand portfolio and becoming a significant contributor to India’s booming fashion business. It is in keeping up with this trend that ‘Louis Philippe TIME’ was born. In recent years, diversification has become an important mantra for retail brands. With factors such as the changing shopping preferences of consumers, disposable income and enhanced standard of living driving sales, keeping pace with the requirements of the industry has become essential.”

From the Louis Philippe heritage of excellence, the timepieces are contemporary and yet steeped in the tradition of fine craftsmanship. The stunning mosaics of time will instantly endear themselves to true lovers of style and become the new must-haves in men’s statement accessories.

The debut collection is available in two distinct categories – Louis Philippe and LP Louis Philippe.

The Louis Philippe collection brings new life to the charm of vintage France with intricate designs and Swiss craftsmanship. The timepieces reflect Louis Philippe’s signature sensibility in the designs, featuring a multilayered basal and an exclusive fluted crown. The Louis Philippe collection is sub categorized into Aura, a Swiss made collection which features vintage Italian styling; Gods and Kings which has elegant watches with rich textures; City which has a colourful collection of smart, urban watches; and the distinct and evergreen Classic collection.

LP Louis Philippe pays homage to the style and characteristic of the vintage French motor cars. LP Louis Philippe collection is sub categorized into Retrosport – a collection of beautifully contoured and fine metal craft with vintage automotive detailing; and Chronosport – a fully embellished cutting edge collection.

Catering to the premium and sub-premium categories ‘Louis Philippe TIME’ makes for the perfect addition to one’s wardrobe.

Louis Philippe TIME launches in 80 exclusive Louis Philippe stores and would be available in 40 more stores by the end of November 2015. It would also be available on Madura Fashion and Lifestyle’s ecommerce site by mid October 2015. Besides being available in exclusive stores, Louis Philippe is planning to make the collection available in MBOs such as Shopper’s Stop and Lifestyle in the next six months and in exclusive watch stores such as Helios and Ethos in the next 1 year.

Launched in India in 1989, Louis Philippe’s journey has been nothing less than spectacular, having extended its offerings from shirts to shoes to having carved its niche in the luxury market. This 1000 crore brand marks its presence as a single largest menswear label in the country. Today, the embroidered crest on each piece of LP clothing is prized even more for its focus on luxury feel, exquisite craftsmanship and has been successful in shaping Louis Philippe not only as the purveyor of fine clothing, but as an upholder of excellence and finesse.

Innovation creates value for consumers and retail partners, fashioning the much needed cumulative advantage. Home to a number of successful campaigns, Louis Philippe has efficaciously made a mark in the casual wear segment with its most successful launch of LP Jeans, in the sports industry with the Louis Philippe Golf Cup and in redefining the television space with its ‘In Pursuit of Excellence’ with global celebrities,  a unique talk show. Louis Philippe today has evolved into a brand fashioning a holistic experience from new product categories and creating superb brand resonance in the market.

Today, Louis Philippe has over half a million loyal customers and is a luxury brand that remains true to its followers and brings a rich flavour of heritage and finesse, while staying contemporary.

‘Louis Philippe TIME’ is priced at INR 6,999 and goes up to INR 22,999.

About Louis Philippe

The brand draws its name and inspiration from King Louis Philippe of France, who was famed for his generosity of spirit and his appreciation of the arts. Louis Philippe thrives on excellence, elegance and opulence. Synonymous with premium, international men’s fashion, Louis Philippe was launched in India in 1989, and ever since then, the brand has been enjoying the repute of being the leader in formal and quasi-formal wear. Taking cognisance of the evolution of the Indian gentleman and so also his preferences, the brand has constantly innovated and modelled itself to suiting and meeting those requirements and this is what sets Louis Philippe apart as a premium, international men’s fashion brand.

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