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When we were younger my parents insisted that both my brother and I cultivate hobbies, it could be sport, art, music(unfortunately, I am tone dead:p) anything other than just be a a couch potato. So weekends and often even weekends were spent learning a new sport or rushing to art class or to the library to pick up new books. The excitement and the pride in doing something beyond your studies was a big deal while I was growing up.

As an adult, I realise how important this is, because in the monotony of surviving work and climbing the social and corporate ladder, one can forget that there is life outside a cubicle.

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Incidentally, for both Sneaky and I, the new life was styling and writing about it. While each of us have our day jobs, we  wanted to invest time and energy in developing something more. The best thing about style blogging or any blogging is that it doesn’t restrict you to a place or time or people. The world is your oyster. We love our life of traveling and being able to track and share latest style / fashion trends or post updates on the best deals or our favorite designers.

This is our life outside the cubicle. Do you do anything beyond work? Share it with the team at Scullers on,  participate in their weekly  facebook contest and stand a chance to win a voucher worth 1000 inr every week.Look forward to your entries!

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