Definitely yes! We can look effortlessly stylish in outfits best described as business casual for women aka Suit.  Ladies Suits are one clothing item that has now surpassed its boundaries beyond the walls of the office and is now trending as an edgy, fashionable look and now you see women sporting the what I refer to as a “Power dressing for Indian women” look not only in office but also in events and now, wearing suits is also a casual affair if paired with the proper accessories and makeup.

Nowadays, we see celebrities sporting designer suits in the red carpet and they look so chic and classy and different.  No one can deny the fact that wearing a suit gives the same oomph factor to a woman that would otherwise be obtained by, what is commonly perceived as, wearing a dress! What does your mind conceive when you see a Woman wearing a suit? Sloppy? No, Smart? Definitely Yes!










Coral Suit: Van Heusen from the Limited Edition Deepika Padukone Collection // Bag:  Shirt: Van Heusen 

It’s a common adage that you are judged by the way you dress and for some reason I find that to be true, and for a person who tries different trends,  I would also like to add that you are definitely judged by what you wear but mainly, the way you carry off an outfit is what leaves an overlasting impression! I guess it’s the attitude with which you wear an outfit that counts and that, could only be achieved if you feel it. Mentally visualize yourself wearing one and how does that make you feel?

So what should be the workwear for Indian Women?

Workwear for Indian Women is not only restricted to wearing formal suit at work. We are fortunate to have such vast options to choose from.   Pencil skirts, Formal pants without the suit jacket,  a Salwar all available via Online shopping or at stores without any hassle!

I personally feel, dressing in clothes that make us look smarter,  makes us feel smarter and hence I think these suits for women are great to wear not only for work but also for job interviews where we want to leave a strong impression.  We can wear the denims, the shorts or skirts after work anyways!


I styled this Suit from the Van Heusen Limited Collection designed by the Indian Bollywood Actress Deepika Padukone in collaboration with the designers in Van Heusen.

  • I’m in love with the fabric of this suit primarily because I hate clothes that wrinkle immediately and a wrinkled Suit is a no no.
  • The peach color makes the look fun and quirky.

Here are some clothing tips for Indian Women wearing Suits not only as a Workwear but also casually.

  1. Always team your Suit with a good Shirt. A good top/ shirt tends to change the entire look if paired well.
  2. Women Suit look good with a Structured bag.  Play with your structured bags and try to team your suit with the one that looks best.
  3. Go for a simple hairstyle. It gives a more neat and smarter appearance than strands flying all over your face.
  4. Do not over accessorize. I’d say it’s better to ditch those chunky necklace for a change.
  5. Makeup tips: If you don’t like wearing a red lipstick like I do, its better to keep your make-up to a minimum. Subtle lip color and nude eyeshadows work great!



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