Overcoming Your Roadblocks to Emerge as a Successful Start-up

India witnessed a growth of about 40% in the number of start-ups; crossing 4,200 by the end of 2015. However, a series of challenges are faced by these start-ups during their journey due to competition, numerous marketing options and probably inadequate budget.

While the consumer mind-set might stay comparative, the communication and marketing strategy cannot remain the same.  For start-ups who wish to make an imprint in the market and have constrained budgets, Media Moments enables these brands to reach out to its target audience, potential investors, business partners  and the end consumers.

Marketing has experienced a progression of transformation where the lines have obscured between various marketing functions and what’s going to be the key differentiator in consumer business marketing.

  • Right Messaging: Understanding the business landscape, authentic consumers, competition and their USPs and knowing the sweet spot of where the Brand needs to position itself and emerge inimitable in its service offering and communication.
  • Right Amplification: Digital, social, video, PR, augmented reality, radio, outdoors. The never ending list and the geographies are too intricate for a business to truly understand the right marketing tools to use for optimum amplification.
  • In-depth Analytics: Marketing is no more an intangible delivery mechanism. For a vast part in the online space, it’s traceable and data were driven.

We at Media Moments, in a nutshell, can combine and make the perfect fusion media mechanism for individual start-ups and help your brands to emerge in a market.


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