PR: The cheat code for SEO you never knew about!

Every CMO is busy orchestrating a definite and well-planned marketing strategy and doesn’t have the time or bandwidth to manage SEO. Having a strong integrated SEO strategy can help ensure that marketers and CEOs achieve their business goals without many hiccups.

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Today, SEO is more than just a linked key word index. One that can’t just succeed through ‘A’ site or one Facebook page. There are many other factors that play a key role in helping to land your brand on the ever-elusive and illustrious page 1 of google search. On the top of the roster is offline and online PR. While traditionalists may still maintain PR as an offline event or activity that invites a sea of journalists, photographers and series of questions, the digitally driven CMO knows that there is much more leverage for an SEO strategy that comes off an online PR exercise.

Here’s an example of a line from a recent movie, The Jungle Book. “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack” is an emphatic line quoted by Mowgli, a character from the movie. Now imagine this statement, that was part of the official trailer being replayed, re-quoted, retweeted and shared by billions around the world in anticipation for the upcoming movie. And that, all these posts are ultimately collated and curated on google. The result; the words ’strength’, ‘pride’, ‘pack’, ‘wolf’, ‘Jungle book’ were affixed to Disney as they occupied the entire 1st page of google during its premiere. That’s what PR can do for SEO and your brand for a long period.

When specifically considering SEO strategy,

•  PR can help provide recognition for a brand and increased opportunities for exposure.
•  It helps moderate and manage reputation through multiple sources saying the same (good) things about your brand.
•  It helps foster an environment for collaboration and association through media partnerships. Articles such as personal stories and case studies improve your SEO.
•  It helps further spread the word onto social media through influencers posts, common hashtags and key words across all platforms.
•  Through online and offline press releases, PR helps a brand’s keywords and phrases be optimized for google search. This in turn, helps a brand’s communication and messaging stay consistent throughout its marketing campaign.
•  Other means of PR through captioned photos, customer stories, reviews go on to make your case even stronger.
•  Today, there is scope for spreading your message organically through requests by journalists, bloggers on social media, who would carry forward your message to their followers as well without any effort on your end.

While it may be seen as a long term ask involving constant SEO updates and link building, PR activities specifically for SEO strategy, can stand as strong pillars for a brand. its message and philosophy can remain etched almost forever on the index of Google. Thus, Incorporating PR into your SEO strategy gives an edge in terms of competition and ensures you stay ahead on the 1st page of google search.

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