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Love or hate, you cannot debate, Facebook is here to stay…and evolve. Recent stats reveal that Facebook gets over 8 billion average daily video views with over 500 million people watching videos every day. Furthermore, Facebook videos receive 135% more organic reach than Facebook photos and still images.

And while it doesn’t seem necessary to tamper with the formula, there’s one thing that Facebook and more so, brands on Facebook, haven’t tapped into yet; The power of exclusivity. Typically, almost all videos of brands on YouTube and videos on Facebook are for public access. Everyone can view it. However, making a video subject to viewing and commenting by a group or digital cliques, if I may, gives a more interesting and insightful narrative to how people feel. Think about a situation at a party where you’re afraid to comment on the music fearing you may offend the general mass. Now, re-imagine yourself in the same party with only your friends and having your point of view put forward while the other crowd is inconsequential.

Facebook party is essentially a process of creating a playlist of Facebook Public videos for screening (Live and pre-recorded) to be viewed by an exclusive group of people through an invite. These people are invited by an admin of a respective group, a Facebook page or even by a personal user. The invited group members can watch and comment on the videos at once, which results in a shared viewing experience.

Get your Watch Party stared in 5 simple steps:

  • Click the WATCH PARTY option on your status feed/group status feed.

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facebook watch party

  • Craft a title for your exclusive Facebook Watch Party

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  • Queue up from a list of Public Facebook videos available

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  • Add the list of members you would like to invite

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You’re done. In some cases, step 4 precedes Step 3 (if you’re posting as an individual person as opposed to posting from a Facebook group/Page)


As live videos on Facebook generate a large amount of discussion and engagement, a Watch Party could generate the same result or more with pre-recorded videos and live videos, but with a more personal touch. As comments are subjected to your exclusive group, your opinion would matter, and it wouldn’t get lost amidst the vast array of jokes, multiple tags and other irrelevant content in the comments section. A Watch Party gives each peer group an opportunity to voice their opinion. So, whether it be discussing a recent trending story, arguing on social issues or even laughing at comedy compilations, A Watch Party is guaranteed to generate direct interaction through Q&A, with real-time feedback about a brand and its offerings which can serve as valuable information and insight to steer it ahead of its competition.


We see 2 limitations with the Watch Party. Firstly, it may not help in terms of product launches or leaks as the videos that can be queued on a Watch Party have to be public, which effectively rules out an element of surprise. The second is the restriction of only Facebook videos within a Watch Party.

How we see it being used 

YOLO and FOMO are two concepts that are oh-so popular with the millennials and Genz’s. They want to be in the know of everything and have a desired need to be at the centre of all the action. Observing this, we believe marketers could play into a state of exclusivity and engage with their audience in a more private, albeit, encouraging manner, as feedback would be real-time and genuine.

For eg: If an influencer of a particular brand posts a Watch Party invitation of a new line of fashion products or electronics, to select fans, it gives them the feeling of being a niche, a special privilege, that would only go on to increase the brand’s message further. This in turn, would ensure that the selected members continue to engage frequently with the brand on more online social channels.

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