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I have this major thing for loose fitted clothes. The emotions that come roaring from within when I look at a shirt double my size or maybe a roomy dress is something that I cannot explain inwords. Simply not possible. Nothing, and I pretty strongly mean it when I say it, nothing excites me the way baggy clothes do. Spending ample amount of time digging through my dad’s wardorbe is a common scene when I am back home. Chilling amidst the heap of oversized shirts and t shirts is as calming as a tranquilizer maybe. Very odd. Given the intense situation that I have created here about my undying love for slack clothes, it’s obvious that I am not a fan of body hugging ones. Each time I go shopping I intend on trying some new silhouette, more fitted ones, but only if my hands wouldn’t stop reaching out for the most unstructured piece available around. In my defense, lord knows how comfy these slouchy shirts and pants are! Boyfriend shirt – Boots – Sunnies- Backpack. Oh, life is beautiful!

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November 22, 2014