The 3Vs of Content

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V for Videos:

Technology, the internet and smartphones have made it simple enough even for a 13-year-old to make high quality videos. Videos of funny cats, DIY fashion videos, cooking videos, review videos…in fact there isn’t a subject under the sun you can’t find a video on the internet for. So, what’s your excuse for not making videos for your brand?

V for Views:

It’s anybody’s game out there today. With the advent of social media, everyone today has a point of view and a lot of people who are willing to listen. This new power has given consumers control over the success or failure of your product, service or even campaign. Hence, social listening and social influencing are key to creating effective content.

V is for Vernacularism:

Nearly half of India’s digital citizens are more receptive to content in local languages. Even online video content giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime have understood this trend and have added original local content to appeal to this segment. It is high time that brands follow suit if they want to widen their consumer base and stay relevant.

Only if you understand these 3 Vs and mix them in the right proportions, will you achieve the 4th V, which is the most important of all.

V for Value

This is where we come in.  At Media Moments, we’ve been mixing and matching the 3Vs for nearly a decade. We provide brands with digital marketing solutions that are driven by insight, research and creative storytelling. We’ve had great successes in building online communities, public relations and brand loyalty for many of our partners. Our services include content creation, digital amplification, design, strategy and marketing consultation that delivers ROI through cost effective solutions.

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