Aren’t setting Out Of Office messages on your Outlook express at work, a favorite thing to do ?

Out Of Office – Weekend’s Here

Out Of Office- End Of Business Hours

Out Of Office – Away Travelling

Out Of Office- Celebrating Life’s Milestones

Out Of Office- Need Me Time

Wouldn’t it also be great if you could post your Out Of Office alter ego avatar along with your message? Well, Scullers is asking you to do just that. All Of November they are camping right outside your cubicles and encouraging fans to send in pictures of what they are wearing and where they are going after work. You could be headed to an exotic village in Italy, bar hoping in your city post office hours or simply chilling with friends and family on weekends. Hop on our to their facebook app  – Scullers This Is Life and celebrate life with them.  Post your pictures and the person with the highest no of likes( for a particular picture ) for the week stands to win vouchers worth 1000 INR.

We caught up with six professionals on the streets of Bangalore to document what they were wearing.

Meghna Model for Scullers Brand Promotion-682x1024

Meghna – Model/student was taking a stroll with her friend and shop hoping when we asked her to pose for Scullers


Kaustub, a Software Engineer was heading to watch a play with his friends on a rainy Saturday

Scullers Brand

Micheal- Lawyer, was getting his groceries for the week on a Sunday evening


Tsang was finishing up on last minute Diwali Shopping with her friends


Sovan- Dance teacher, was heading out to attend the Jimmy Choo store launch party at UB City,


Suhasini- Doctor, was at the Kanterava Indoor Stadium, Bangalore registering for the Bangalore Marathon

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Life outside a cubicle
Life outside a cubicle…
November 12, 2014